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Let me introduce myself !
My name is Kasia, I moved to Basel in 2018 from Warsaw, I'm a full-time mum and wife with lots of creative passions, one of them is baking, of course. I did start a few years ago with baking business in Warsaw, now I'm ready to make it again in Basel. 
Basel Bake is a mix of love, passion, and a bit of experience. All our pastries are from high-quality local goods, milk from "happy cows" gives homemade cheese for cheesecake, you need to taste it !


All you would like to ask

Where are you located?

I'm a home based baker, so I don't have a shop. I make everything to order. I'm located next to Schützenmatt Park in Basel.

Do you deliver?

Yes, in Basel-City, to orders under 50 CHF there is a  10 CHF fee. 

For Basel-Land and any other till 15 km there is also a fee, for orders under 50 CHF- 15 CHF and over 50 CHF, 5 CHF fee.

You can see this in shop when you order. Any other locations, depends of order and place, please ask, I look forward to answer any questions.

Germany, Lörrach district is also possible, individually as well as Saint Louis district.

What is "Sweet Abo Box"?

That is a kind of subscription, every Saturday, you will receive a box with goods, that's the best way to taste some more than one cake. Boxes are seasonal, so, before Christmas, you would find some Gingerbread, and in Summer some strawberries cakes. We are buying from local farms, that's why we need to go with nature. 

Boxes are different sizes:

  • S like single 

  • M like marriage

  • L like lots od sweet, for family of 4

Do you do orders for bigger parties?

Yes, but first, please contact us. We will discuss the price, theme, etc.

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